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Some of the biggest italian hits of the last decade are born from this team of producers & songwriters in a range of different genres and sounds such as
Good Times” by Ghali, “Dove e Quando” by Benji & Fede, “Andiamo a Comandare” by Fabio Rovazzi, “Farfalle” by Sangiovanni, “Tribale” by Elodie, Movimento Lento” by Annalisa and many more. The team counts 53 platinum records and 16 gold records certified by FIMI. Their productions have garnered numerous advertising synchs (Bmw, McDonald’s, Wind, Netflix etc.) and regularly feature on TV show soundtracks.

Meet The Team

ITACA is, first of all, a team of people aimed to stand for a tailored music craftsmanship boutique for the artist.

The team is made up of international djs & multi-platinum producers Merk & Kremont (Federico Mercuri, Giordano Cremona), Eugenio Maimone, Leonardo Grillotti powered by the vision and management of Paul Sears and Cecilia Pietropaolo.

Our Team

A company group of music production, management & publishing based in Milan, Italy.